Last Week’s Homeschool Wrap-Up

Posted: August 29, 2011 in Weekly Wrap-Up
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I thought I would tell everybody about school last week.

I worked on a microscope and looked at camel hair and cotton. It was cool! I also had a math test and got an 80, a C, and mom yelled at me. I went to Sunday school on Wednesday, and it is all because of a great mom, and of course this blog too.

And we did a Bible lesson, and it was about conviction. It means standing for what is right even when others don’t, and it is a cool lesson because it’s a cowboy story and the bad guy is Snakeskin Johnson.

And everybody went to see Ghostbusters at the park. We watched dinosaur movies. On Friday just me, dad, and brother went to the beach to play during Hurricane Irene.

See you next week!

  1. coffeescholar says:

    Via Facebook- Katie wrote: “Wow! I love it, so cute.”

  2. coffeescholar says:

    Via Facebook- Rita wrote: “I enjoyed that also Abishai! Keep up the good work.Where did you get a camel hair?”

  3. coffeescholar says:

    (from Daddy)- The camel hair and a bunch of other really cool samples came with the microscope kit.

  4. coffeescholar says:

    Via Facebook- Lisa wrote: “Enjoy reading his blog! He’s growing up!”

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