Aquariums, Poop, and Atlanta

Posted: October 26, 2011 in Weekly Wrap-Up
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My whole family just got back from a long trip.


We got to see Granny & Papa, Logan, Wes, Bailey, Mimi, Mark, and Eli.

I played Monopoly and wrote things. I pooped really big and the baby did too! Granny  made a white cake. We got wet in the rain.


We went to World of Coke and the aquarium. We saw a whale shark, fish, a giant manta ray, a beluga whale, a tiger shark, lots of water, Life is Good stuff, a sea horse, and a sea turtle. I also went in a gift shop.

I bounced at the mall and ate at Taco Bell. At the hotel I swam in the pool. I slept in a pull out bed.

I made a new friend at a church we visited.


On the way home I got sick and threw up in the car.

  1. coffeescholar says:

    Via Facebook- Lisa wrote: “I love Abishai’s blog!”

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