The Halloween Night 2011

Posted: November 3, 2011 in Weekly Wrap-Up
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On Sunday we went trunk or treating at Parkway Community Baptist Church.

On Halloween we watched a special Shrek video. We had pizza for dinner before we left. We went trick or treating in Mallard Landing. I was Thor. Benaiah was Captain America. Mommy was Robin. Daddy was Batman. The baby was Superman. Mamaw came too! Papaw kept the baby and gave out candy at our house.

We saw cool costumes. We skipped a scary house. We saw a ninja, a ladybug, Iron Man, Spider-man, a scary guy with a staff, and a zombie. We had lots of fun and ate a lot of candy. We also gave out Jesus books to every house!

We gave Mamaw some candy, and we gave Papaw some candy too because we did not need it all.

  1. coffeescholar says:

    Via Facebook- Teresa wrote: “Love the blog Abishai. You will be a great reporter one day.”

  2. coffeescholar says:

    Via Facebook- Rick wrote: “I, too, enjoy trunk or treating.”

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