I’m Gonna Grow Up to Be a Superhero

Posted: November 18, 2011 in The Future
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I want to be Spider-man because you can stick to wall’s and you get to fight Doctor Octopus ,Venom, Sandman , and Green Goblin.

Benaiah wants to be a fire man because they can put out fires.

I want to be Superman too, because he has a secret identity.

I want be the Green Lantern because he can fly. He can also make a big fist to fight the black lantern, the yellow lantern, and the red lantern. The Green Lantern uniform is the coolest because I like the way they have their symbol.

Benaiah also wants to be the black Spider-man because he has a secret identity too.

I want to be Flash because he can run super duper fast.

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  1. coffeescholar says:

    Via Facebook- Jennifer wrote: “Too cute! I secretly still want to be Zena……”

  2. coffeescholar says:

    Via Facebook- Sophia wrote: “Loved the whole thing, pictures were fantastic”

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