My Charity: Water Speech

Posted: March 19, 2012 in Doing Good
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My 7 year old son Abishai Powers has been talking so much about Charity: Water that his Awana leader asked him to do a presentation about it. It’s his first ever public speech. I think he rocked it! He remembered Scott Harrison’s name, the stats, and everything.

Here’s the link for his birthday campaign- Abishai’s Giving Away His Birthday!

  1. Sheila Jessee says:

    Good job Abishai, do we have to go on here and donate or can we give the money to you.

    • coffeescholar says:

      Ms Sheila- You can donate there or give the money to me and I can have mommy send it to them. Thank you. Abishai.

  2. G. C. Darby - AWANA Sparks Director says:

    Abishai, I am so proud of you. You are doing what Jesus calls us to do, to love people and offer a cup of water in His name. What a blessing you have been in the Sparks club this year! My wife and I will donote to this worthy cause so people can drink clean water in honor of your birthday.

  3. […] Here’s more stuff about Charity Water. Click HERE. […]

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