I Want a Boys Easy Bake Oven

Posted: December 12, 2012 in Abishai's FoodLab
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I really like cooking. My Mom lets me cook sometimes on her big oven, but it’s really big.

I’ve seen a lot  of commercials lately for the Easy Bake Ovens and I would really like to have one but they only come in pink . My idea was to put Avengers stickers on it so it’s more for guys. The commercials always have just girls on them too and do not like that . Why can’t I cook to?

I heard there was a boy who wanted Hasbro to make a Easy Bake Oven for boys. It sounds like Hasbro ignored him. Can you help change this?

Here’s a picture of me making pizza for the very first time when I was 2. I’m 8 now.

Making Pizza 1

Note from Dad- Here’s a link to an article about Gavyn Boscio, who started the online pledge.

  1. Teresa Powers says:

    You were such a cute boy!!

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