Our House Rules

Posted: February 10, 2013 in Uncategorized
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Note from Dad- I came a cross a set of rules the other day that an HOA had established for their neighborhood. It discussed such items as when construction workers could be in the neighborhood, asking people not to feed alligators, and when the pool is open. I thought it’d be cool to have the boys make up our own list of rules for our house.

Just to show you that homeschool is a very dynamic (Re: not static) way of educating the youth, we did this at the doctor’s office while at a pre-op appointment for Benaiah, my 5yo Viking, to get his tonsils taken out. Later on the same week, Abishai typed them in for his blog.

Here’s the rules we came up with. If you ever drop in to visit or stay a while, we do expect you to follow them.

  1. The maximum speed limit inside the house is 19 mph unless otherwise posted.
  2. No alligators, saber-toothed tigers, spiders, snakes, or unicorns are allowed in the house.
  3. No walking on the ceiling or windows.
  4. No fishing in the toilet.
  5. No parking on the roof or in the yard.
  6. No putting medusa heads, bodies, angry raccoons, broke down cars, or plastic bottles in the trash. Recycling is important. Plastic bottles have their own bin.
  7. No starting fires or causing explosions that extend past our property.
  8. No sword fighting, playing with darts, or feeding backyard alligators at inappropriate times.
  9. Established bedtime hours are from 1am until  midnight.
  10. No crazy, unhappy, or bad people allowed in the house.


  1. Teresa Powers says:

    Glad you don’t make the rules at my house!

    In His Name, Teresa Powers

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