Into The Wilds

Posted: May 2, 2014 in Doing Good
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Last year I was able to attend an amazing summer camp called The Wilds with my cousin Ethan.

One of the many things we did was hike to the lake. At the lake we were able to do all kinds of activities like ‘the Blob’, which is a giant air bag that you sit on. Then someone else jumps on it, and it bounces you really high in the air, and you drop into the lake. There was also an obstacle course where our teacher timed us going through twists turns and jumps. You had to climb a cool rope ladder that was loads of fun.

We also hiked a trail called Turtle Rock. It was called Turtle Rockbecause there was a rock on the trail that was shaped like a turtle. We couldn’t climb on that rock, but it was still very awesome to see!

The Wilds is a weeklong camp, and I wished I could stay there much longer. The wonderful membership at Friendship Baptist Church sponsored about eight of us kids to go. They paid for and gave us a ride to the camp. There was only one bad part…leaving.

I can’t wait to go back! Every single other thing was absolutely loads of pure FUN!!!!!!!!!



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