My Charity Water Egg Party was a Huge Success!

Posted: August 7, 2014 in Abishai's FoodLab, Doing Good
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Eggs-Charity WaterI wanted to thank everybody for helping with my birthday party that I gave away to raise money for Charity Water. We had a lot of fun at my eggstravaganza where I cooked for everyone to raise more money.

My grand total I raised was $772, which is way more than I raised last time.

Thanks so much to Eggs Up Grill for giving us all the eggs for the party!

Here’s a bunch of photos for everyone.

Abishai Powers-chef-charity water-2

Abishai Powers-chef-charity water

Abishai Powers-Wait Staff-Charity Water

Charity Water Donations

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  2. […] I know some of you donated money when my son gave away his birthday to Charity Water to support their clean water initiatives, and I wanted to give you an update. You can read more about what he did with his big Eggstravaganza party on his blog. […]

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