My Book Review of Rebound About the UConn Basketball Team

Posted: May 30, 2015 in Sports & Recreation
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The book Rebound! was written by David Borges. I wanted to read this book because I wanted to know more about basketball. My life goal is to become the white Michael Jordan. I love the game of basketball, and I think Michael Jordan was the greatest player ever. I have to practice a lot, but I also want to learn about what made the greats so great. I have watched Jordan’s old games, and I want to also learn about great coaches. I enjoy reading about how they brought their teams up and gave them honor.


Jim Calhoun was a national celebrity coach who coached the University of Connecticut Huskies. He coached a 40 year career starting in 1972 and going through 2005. Over that time he won 873 games. In 2005 though he said goodbye to basketball, and retired from the game. He handed over the Huskies to Kevin Ollie, the new coach.  Coach Calhoun was considered “one of the most colorful and controversial coaches in college basketball history”. Could Kevin Ollie take his place? Calhoun thought so! Ollie had been “lobbying for Ollie to be his ‘coach-in-waiting’ for a while”. Ollie was so happy when he was hired as the 18th head coach for Uconn. Ollie said, “’This is my dream job’ he told the crowd. ‘I was made for this job’ ”

I thought this was a good book. Calhoun sounds like a pretty cool guy. I didn’t read much past the first chapter because I couldn’t get interested in the information. Rebound!, was a little out of my age level. This would be better for a high school basketball player looking for a good college. And that is what I think about this book.

  1. Teresa Powers says:

    Abishai, you are so cool. You have so many things going around in your head. I am amazed.

    In His Name, Teresa Powers

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