I’m Switching Future Careers

Posted: March 4, 2016 in Sports & Recreation
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Hi my name is Abishai.

Today I will be talking about my career plans.

My previous career plan was to be the white Michael Jordan. That was always my dream. Now, my career plan is to be a professional UFC fighter.


One of the reasons for that decision is when we first moved to this neighborhood there was a kid named ____ (name withheld for liability reasons). We had been friends for around two weeks when for no apparent reason he started messing with my younger brother Benaiah. I told him not to mess with my brother. So let’s just say by the time that fiasco was over the kid whose name I won’t say had a bloody nose and a black eye. After that his 15-year-old brother didn’t like that I took whatshisname down, so he tried to beat me up. I literally flipped him into the grass.

So I am going to start taking tae kwon do, and then I will start taking judo, and when I am old enough I will try to get into the UFC lightweight category.

That is my new career plan. PEACE OUT!!!!

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