About Me…

My name is Abishai Powers, and I am 7 years old this year in 2011. I write for the Last Appeal.  Most kids are not reporters. I’m a reporter because it is cool. After all, Peter Parker is a reporter, and he’s asuperhero. This blog will be my school newspaper. I’ll keep you guys updated on our family adventures.

My family is not normal like most families. My brothers and I are homeschooled. My mom and dad are also kind of crazy, but in a good way. My dad travels a lot doing fun stuff like mountain climbing and scuba diving. Sometimes we get to go with him. While other kids are stuck in a classroom we might be at a museum or hiking in a national park.

I hope you enjoy my blog and will join me for a wild ride.


  1. Shannon says:

    Great job Abishai! I will be following your adventures as you write about them! ~Shannon ( helper in class at Wellspring) 🙂

    • coffeescholar says:

      That is so awesome! You are his first official subscriber. (This is David answering his comments until he learns how.)

  2. G. C. Darby - AWANA Sparks Director says:

    What a great way to keep up with how the Lord is going to use you as you grow older and experience cool things in life. God is so good!

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