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My dad found a cool book he read that wanted me to check out and review for you guys. It’s called Discovering Harold, and it is by another homeschool kid like me, except she’s a girl.

I thought the book was pretty good. I’ve never really thought much about what life is like for a deer, especially with hunters and stuff. I am glad the deer found some nice humans to hang out with.

I think it is a very good book and if you like animals or really good stories, then you will like this book. I think Hannah is a really good writer and her brother is a good artist. I like drawing much better than writing though, but that’s just me.

You can find the book and buy it on Amazon.



Here’s my mindmap from the movie I’m Fine, Thanks that I watched with my dad.

We watched a movie for school about climbing Mt. Kilimanjaro. My dad climbed it before, and I hope to climb it sometime. Here’s the mindmap I made from watching the movie. My dad wrote a Kindle book about his climb. He said to tell you that if a bunch of you buy copies of the book that it’ll mean more college money for me. Click HERE if you would like to buy it. I’m going to buy it for my Kindle once I save up enough money. I have $140 and my Kindle costs $200.

Thanks, Abishai

(Dad comment- Abishai went to see this movie at the free summer kid movies. It should be on dvd soon.)

The Legend of the Guardians movie is really cool. Watch it soon. It was weird that a warrior fought the king of bad instead of the good king doing it! An owl flew out of the water and saved another owl. The gross part was the owl pellets with blue crystals inside them. The main owl was Spur. Not only was it just owls. They had a tree too and a big ocean. And don’t laugh, but I get to go to the beach if I finish in time. And they got friends and found a porcupine with crows with blue beaks. They also had a flying snake.                                                                                                                                                                                                     

And my mom & brother went to the theater 14 (Market Common in Myrtle Beach…dwp). If you like owls, go see it. I am not on the home computer. I am on my dad’s laptop at the office.  My mom & dad are great because they let me watch movies and buy stuff.

Me & mom are working on more blogs. I have lots more to let out. I’ll be back soon.