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Me and my mom baked lots of cookies, and put them out on four plates for the Marines, Air Force, Army, and Navy.

Then, we went to the Marine and Navy recruiting office first. I was going to ask him some questions because I wanted to become a pilot in the military. We went in the Marine office, but the Navy was lazy and had already left for Christmas. My first question was, “What kind of training would I do when I get in?” He said I have to become an officer with a Bachelor’s degree and go to officer candidate school. It is basically boot camp for officers. My second question was, “What school subject would be the best for me?” He said math, algebra, geometry, and trigonometry. My third question was “What kind of airplanes and helicopters do you have?” He said they have an Osprey, CH-53’s, CH-53E’s, and the F-22. My fourth question was “Why is your branch is better than the others?” He said that they have more discipline. (Note from Dad, a former US Marine- you notice how sloppy the Army recruiters are dressed?)

Then we went to the Army recruiting office the next day, and I asked him the same questions. He said a nine week four day AIT (Advance Infantry Training). He said math, English, and science. He said they have Air Force One, Blackhawk, Chinook, and the Apache. He said you have to go to flight school and drop a package. He said it is easier to get into than the others. And for my last question, he said STUDY HARD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


The Air Force followed the Navy and was lazy too. The Army recruiter said the Air Force guy only comes by every couple of months. I think I would want to be in the Army and a fly an Apache attack chopper. Thank you to the Marines and Army recruiters who gave me lots of goodies too.

I want to be Spider-man because you can stick to wall’s and you get to fight Doctor Octopus ,Venom, Sandman , and Green Goblin.

Benaiah wants to be a fire man because they can put out fires.

I want to be Superman too, because he has a secret identity.

I want be the Green Lantern because he can fly. He can also make a big fist to fight the black lantern, the yellow lantern, and the red lantern. The Green Lantern uniform is the coolest because I like the way they have their symbol.

Benaiah also wants to be the black Spider-man because he has a secret identity too.

I want to be Flash because he can run super duper fast.

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