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Our New Baby!

Posted: April 11, 2017 in Weekly Wrap-Up
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Hi, my name is Abishai, and today I’m going to tell you about a baby… my baby brother. On March 24 at 4:09 pm,  Sherlock Watson Powers was born into our ever growing family of awesomeness.

He has what I like to call baby acne because he has a bunch of bumps on his nose but combined with his little chubby cheeks it just adds up to CCCUUUUTTTTEEEEE!!!!

At first we had thought he was peeing blood but it turned out it was something called brick dust crystals. It was because he was dehydrated it only looked like blood.

Our grandparents came down to see our new baby. The offer was given to my grandma to cut the cord when the baby was born. She said it was a cool experience for her to accomplish.

My mom went to the hospital on Wednesday (March 23) to get induced but it did not affect her until the next day

(March 24) at 4:09 pm. Me, Benaiah, Gideon, and Astrid stayed at home the whole day doing school and waiting on that baby to come. Then Friday (March 25) we went to go see him and our mom at the hospital (Erlanger) and then we went to the hospital cafeteria for lunch. Then we went to the playground they made at the hospital. It was really fun. They had AstroTurf instead of grass. Luckily the AstroTurf was soft because Benaiah pushed me off the playground a lot. It was fun. The day after that we went back to the hospital to see mom again, but this time instead of going to the playground we went to the miniature golf course they have there. me, dad, and Benaiah did challenges on the course. It was fun.

That day the doctors said that mom and the baby could come home, so we pulled the car up. From there my grandparents left to go home, and we went home with the new addition to our ever growing family.


Hi my name is Abishai.

Today I am going to be talking about a homeschool co-op that I go to every Friday called HEART. The HEART program is in Conway at a church called Christ Community Church. We do classes there.


These are our classes:

  • PE- In PE we do games like dodge ball and Chinese kickball.
  • Story Nory- In Story Nory they tell stories like Lazy Jack and the Watermelon Prince.
  • No Oven Baking- In this class we make tasty treats like rice crispy treats with no oven.
  • Minecraft- in Minecraft the teacher tells us to do stuff like build the Eiffel Tower or the Statue of Liberty.
  • Lego- Benaiah loves this class he builds stuff like ducks and pyramids.
  • Play-do- Both Benaiah and Gideon are in this class. They get to just play and build random stuff.
  • Geographic Landforms- In this class Benaiah learns about stuff like glaciers and valleys.
  • Musikgarten- In this class Gideon learns about music and different instruments. He really likes Ms Jane.
  • Bible for Gideon- In this class he learns Bible stories.

We also take a break for lunch. The last class of the day for me is Minecraft. That is the funnest class out of all of the classes at HEART.

My dad also teaches a class about him going around the world and my mom goes to a class in the morning called The Home Experience. It is a class where a bunch of women get together and chat.

I had a lot of fun this year, and I’m really looking forward to the Fall semester.


Hi my name is Abishai. I visited my grandparents, aunts, and cousins in Greenville SC. When I first got up there I, of course, got unpacked. Benaiah, Gideon, Astrid, Mom, and Dad also came up there. Our grandparents let us sleep in the game room upstairs. One night we watched Monsters Inc. before we went to bed. Then in the morning, we watched Toy Story. Except for Sunday and Saturday Mom makes us take homeschool to Greenville.

The whole reason we were up there was because there was a homeschool conference called the Great Homeschool Conference. At that conference we had a booth with comics, baseball cards, and 48 Days stuff. The most awesome part of the whole expo is the kids program. The reason it is a fun part is because there is bouncies, games, and a skit. This year’s theme was superheroes, so it was a really fun time.

We also get free stuff like a rubber band foam missile and a Frisbee, and we got to eat out a lot. We also got to meet our third favorite teacher in the world. He is our math teacher his name is Steve Demme, and he created Math-U-See. The weird way he remembered Benaiah is that he almost ran in to Steve in the parking lot. We went to his booth, and he recognized Benaiah. He actually played Frisbee with him for a minute. My mom bought a few things. My dad taught two classes. They were about martial arts and comic books with homeschooling.

My dad handed me his camera during his comic book lecture and told us to take photos for him. Here are mean selfies me and my brother took.



I just wrote my first review on a website called Trip Advisor. They wouldn’t let me write it by myself because I had to be 13 to do that, so my dad added some to it and posted it under his name.

Check it out HERE. The review is about my birthday party at Wonderworks.


My dad wrote an article about me in his homeschool magazine column.

Oh yeah. Daddy let us blow up soap in the microwave.

Here’s a copy of my report card for my first grade year that ended in December.

My funnest thing all school year was playing golf and not having to do anything else all day.

With my Math I’m looking forward to it being even more challenging in the future as I get to start the Beta class.

The Halloween Night 2011

Posted: November 3, 2011 in Weekly Wrap-Up
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On Sunday we went trunk or treating at Parkway Community Baptist Church.

On Halloween we watched a special Shrek video. We had pizza for dinner before we left. We went trick or treating in Mallard Landing. I was Thor. Benaiah was Captain America. Mommy was Robin. Daddy was Batman. The baby was Superman. Mamaw came too! Papaw kept the baby and gave out candy at our house.

We saw cool costumes. We skipped a scary house. We saw a ninja, a ladybug, Iron Man, Spider-man, a scary guy with a staff, and a zombie. We had lots of fun and ate a lot of candy. We also gave out Jesus books to every house!

We gave Mamaw some candy, and we gave Papaw some candy too because we did not need it all.

My whole family just got back from a long trip.


We got to see Granny & Papa, Logan, Wes, Bailey, Mimi, Mark, and Eli.

I played Monopoly and wrote things. I pooped really big and the baby did too! Granny  made a white cake. We got wet in the rain.


We went to World of Coke and the aquarium. We saw a whale shark, fish, a giant manta ray, a beluga whale, a tiger shark, lots of water, Life is Good stuff, a sea horse, and a sea turtle. I also went in a gift shop.

I bounced at the mall and ate at Taco Bell. At the hotel I swam in the pool. I slept in a pull out bed.

I made a new friend at a church we visited.


On the way home I got sick and threw up in the car.

I thought I would tell everybody about school last week.

I worked on a microscope and looked at camel hair and cotton. It was cool! I also had a math test and got an 80, a C, and mom yelled at me. I went to Sunday school on Wednesday, and it is all because of a great mom, and of course this blog too.

And we did a Bible lesson, and it was about conviction. It means standing for what is right even when others don’t, and it is a cool lesson because it’s a cowboy story and the bad guy is Snakeskin Johnson.

And everybody went to see Ghostbusters at the park. We watched dinosaur movies. On Friday just me, dad, and brother went to the beach to play during Hurricane Irene.

See you next week!