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Our New Baby!

Posted: April 11, 2017 in Weekly Wrap-Up
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Hi, my name is Abishai, and today I’m going to tell you about a baby… my baby brother. On March 24 at 4:09 pm,  Sherlock Watson Powers was born into our ever growing family of awesomeness.

He has what I like to call baby acne because he has a bunch of bumps on his nose but combined with his little chubby cheeks it just adds up to CCCUUUUTTTTEEEEE!!!!

At first we had thought he was peeing blood but it turned out it was something called brick dust crystals. It was because he was dehydrated it only looked like blood.

Our grandparents came down to see our new baby. The offer was given to my grandma to cut the cord when the baby was born. She said it was a cool experience for her to accomplish.

My mom went to the hospital on Wednesday (March 23) to get induced but it did not affect her until the next day

(March 24) at 4:09 pm. Me, Benaiah, Gideon, and Astrid stayed at home the whole day doing school and waiting on that baby to come. Then Friday (March 25) we went to go see him and our mom at the hospital (Erlanger) and then we went to the hospital cafeteria for lunch. Then we went to the playground they made at the hospital. It was really fun. They had AstroTurf instead of grass. Luckily the AstroTurf was soft because Benaiah pushed me off the playground a lot. It was fun. The day after that we went back to the hospital to see mom again, but this time instead of going to the playground we went to the miniature golf course they have there. me, dad, and Benaiah did challenges on the course. It was fun.

That day the doctors said that mom and the baby could come home, so we pulled the car up. From there my grandparents left to go home, and we went home with the new addition to our ever growing family.