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I originally bought the Project Rock Training shoes to have a pair of shoes I could both run and weightlift in. That kind of shoe is incredibly hard to find because there’s not many with the ankle support and flexibility to both run and weight lift. So, I was very excited to find these shoes, especially since they’re from my favorite celebrity. Now I’ll explain the pros and cons of these shoes and my complete unbiased opinion.

Project Rock Shoes-2

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These shoes are very comfortable, not only when running, but also for everyday use like walking round. The mesh fits nice and tight which keeps support throughout all exercises. I also love the color of the shoes, mine are a nice navy blue. They blend well with most colors even opposites like red. On top of those things the shoes carry with them the movement that Dwayne “the Rock” Johnson started, and that is the movement and attitude that you can do anything if you push your self to be the hardest worker in the room.


I love these shoes, but like every revolutionary product it has bugs. The first one I noticed happened roughly three weeks after use when the sole disconnected from the bottom, and this with just normal weight lifting and cardio. The other issue I’ve had is that two and half to three months in the mesh has started to curl outwards. This makes running long distance or weight exercises like squatting, calf raises, and lunges a little more difficult on the ankles.


For as long as I’ve known what good shoes felt like, Under Armour has been my favorite brand. This shoe only confirms my thoughts on the company. So, if these mild issues could be fixed, the Project Rock Training Shoes would be the absolute best shoes for experienced weight lifters and new lifters alike. Thier flexibility also allows them to be wonderfully comfortable running shoes.