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In a recent blog, Seth Godin said that “Just about everything tastes better toasted”. He’s not just talking about food. Seth says you can also toast ideas, services, products, and relationships. To toast means that you are putting in the effort to do something nice or special for someone or something. You are customizing what you do to fit a particular persons needs.


Let’s talk science. Seth said, “The Maillard reaction is a chemical reaction between amino acids and reducing sugars that gives browned foods their desirable flavor.” The reason toast turns brown is because the heat is melting the sugar, and when sugar is heated it turns brown. The hotter the heat the faster it turns brown. It is because of the Maillard reaction that things like hamburger buns and your everyday loaf of bread are brown. In the factory they bake them so that they taste better. The same concept is also applied on things like pork, french-fries, biscuits, popcorn, and tortillas. It’s just that you never think about it that way.


I enjoy making toast the old fashion way, in a pan, because I find it more fun than just popping something in a toaster and leaving it to the machine overlords. My brother, Benaiah, would rather do it with a toaster. He thinks that if you toast the bread in a toaster you can walk away and do other stuff. My brother also prefers toast over bread because he likes that it crunches in his mouth. I like toast because it brings a specialness to my plate that a plain piece of bread lacks.

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