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We just completed the Nerd in the Brain Zombie STEM Challenge! Here’s what it was…

The Mission:

Create a method of crossing a “river.”  Your creation must be able to support a standard vegetable can (15 to 16 ounces) and safely get your vegetable can across at least two feet of water.  Remember…you want to get your can across the “river” without leaving zombies a way to follow you! Supplies and building materials should cost no more than $10. $10 budget does not include tape, scissors, or glue.

Rules and Regulations:

  • Submissions may be from an individual or a team (class, family, etc.)

  • Supplies should not cost more than $10. If we suspect you’re sneaking in fancy, high-dollar supplies, you will be questioned. ;)  $10 maximum spending limit does not include glue, tape, or scissors.

  • Method of crossing “river” must support a standard can of vegetables (15 – 16 ounces).
  • Method of crossing “river” must be tested.  (If at first you don’t succeed, we encourage you to revise your plan and try again!)

For more info on Nerd in the Brain, click HERE.

Here’s our pics…



Preparing to Build

River is giving a victory speech.

Giving a Victory Speech

The evil horde approaches.

The Horde

The horde catches one of the good guys.

Horde Catches One

Uh oh. There’s a fight on the jobsite.

Fight on the Jobsite

Fighting local wildlife.

Local Wildlife

Lifting the girders into place.

Lifting the Girders 2

Lifting the Girders

Crossing the bridge with the food supplies.

Crossing the Bridge

The horde approaches the bridge.

Horde Approaches the Bridge

Once we’re across, the soldier goes back to set charges to blow the bridge and keep the horde away.

Setting a Charge to Blow the Bridge

Setting a Charge to Blow the Bridge 2

Running away from the explosives.

Running from the Explosives

Oh no. He didn’t make it.

Didnt Make It

All Done